【Experience the wild taste of Izu!】

Izu is not far from Tokyo, but since the railroad is only run in the northern and east coast, you need to use a car to go to the center, the west and the south,for more than 4 hours from Tokyo.
There are still a lot of nature in Izu. Even now,in Izu Many wild deer still live .But to the contrary, it seems that the wild deer increases too much and it is vandaling nature.
It is this "Izu Venison Bowl" that came to be cooked for the purpose of protecting nature and creating a new specialty dish of Izu.
Let's try "Izu Venison Bowl"after visiting Izu!

【Many kinds of Izu-Venison Bowl】

There are various kinds of "Izu-Venison Bowl" for each shop.
When you go to stay in Izu, please try compare and eat lots of "Izu-Venison Bowl" . 《Shop list where you can try "Izu-Venison Bowl"

This is Yaki-niku type(BBQ style)dishes,be eaten in "Niji-no-sato park".

This is Katsu-don type(cutlet style)dishes,be eaten in "Toi-kinzan park".