【Japanese legend】

For almost Japanese people, "Una-don(Grilled eel rice bowl)" is a very famous "high-class dish",and,We love it very much !"

And most Japanese knows the legend that it is bad for your health if you eat "Una-don" and "Ume-boshi(Pickled plums)" together.(Top photo) But, is that legend true ?

In the downtown of Tokyo, there is a Restaurant where you can eat "Una-don" containing "Ume-boshi". It's a adventure for the Japanese !

Are you ready to try it ?

【Actually, it is very tasty !】

Despite being a forbidden dish to the Japanese, it was a really delicious dish ! The strong taste of grilled eel and acidity of picked plums are very compatible.

Then why was it a forbidden dish ?

After examining it, I found out the fact,that is too tasty, you will eat too much and become poor !

Wow ! You don't need to worry about anything anymore. If you come to the downtown of Tokyo, Let's challenge it !!