【Don't be afraid to try it】

Have you ever eaten natto?

To describe it again, "natto" is a fermented soybean. It is entangled with sticky thread-like substances.

Most people from Europe and US is seem to not like it. And It is said that in the West side of Japan (For example Osaka etc.), "natto" is not popular.

However,in the East side of Japan, people love natto very much. Especially in the Mito region of Tochigi prefecture, consumption of natto is very high.

In Mito, The hot dogs containing natto are on sale.

If you go to Mito, don't be afraid to try it♪

It is sold in "Tomobe SA (Fukushima direction)" etc. located in "Joban Expressway".

Every time you have an order, bake the bread, and then sausage and natto are sandwiched.