【Kappa still lives in Tohno.】

I visited Tono district of Iwate prefecture. Of course, to go to see Kappa.

Tohno is a place where folk tales about Kappa one of the most popular in Japan remain. Many people still visit Tono to touch the Kappa legend.

The above picture is a brook called "Kappa Buchi" that it is said that Kappa live in.

Here, I will introduce about the kappa that I found in Tohno.

"Joukenji-temple" with an alias "Kappa-temple" near "Kappa Buchi".

Here is "Komainu" that something like a "Dish of Kappa" is on the head.

In Tohno, there are many objects of this type of Kappa.It is very cool!

Kappa on the post in front of Tohno Station. Kappa is also the guardian of a letter.

As a guardian of traffic safety.

Discovered near Kappa Buchi.

There was a real Kappa object in the pond in front of Tohno station. a little scary!

This is a license to catch Kappa.But I do not want to catch Kappa, I would like to make friends with them.

If you want to be friends with Kappa, let's go to Kappa buchi, bring "this Sake" and "cucumber". God bless you !