【This is Seikan Tunnel !】

"Seikan Tunnel"(connecting Aomori and Hokkaido) is 53.85 km in length and is the longest tunnel for transportation in the world.

I went to a museum that was built to commemorate the construction of the Seikan tunnel. In there, You can actually go in the tunnel which dug first when making Seikan tunnel.(Top photo)

I have learned how hard this construction was there. In order to construct this, we needed struggling unthinkable, advanced technology, and indomitable spirit.

As Japanese, I was proud of those great achievement. And , we will never forget the person who died in this construction.

"海峡(Strait)" (starred by Ken Takakura & Sayuri Yoshinaga) is a movie about the construction of the Seikan tunnel.This is a very very good movie to see!

【In this museum】

The appearance of the museum

Get off the train and walk and see.

"Human works" also was done.

Machines used at the time

Harsh work!

A fish sucking by the bowling machine, during the investigation .

【Around the museum】

Tappi Cape Lighthouse/ In "海峡(Strait)",Ken Takakura was working here.

In "海峡",Ken Takakura probably would have lived around here.

In "海峡",Ken Takakura had this "Jappa-jiru(soup)" maid by Sayuri Yoshinaga.