【The Power of Lines & Tigers】

By being surrounded by lions and tigers, Ican recognize my own weaknesses. And then, And I notice that my "vanity" and "hatred of others" disappear.

And,such a feeling is really pleasant ! So,I am regularly visiting this museum to do such an experience.

The beasts such as Lions and Tigers have such a power.

Do you understand my idea like this♪  Why don't you try experiencing that fear?

【In this museum】

The entrance of the museum. In fact it is where not only horrible beasts but also real pretty real cats.

The king of beasts:
If they are attacked , I will be chopped in a moment.

The Speed King:
The body is small, however the movement is quick, so I 'll be chopped in a moment.

The Ancient Devil:
We only have to thank God for not being born in the same age as them.