【Geographical description】

The High ground area surrounded by "Koishikawa river" (culvert) and "Hakusan-dori street" is called "Koishikawa Mountains" by me.
Here is the place where there was "Koishikawa sanatorium" famous for "Samurai drama", now it is "Koishikawa Botanical Garden".
As "Tabunoki tree" is planted in the place where the highest altitude of the Koishikawa Botanical Gardens , I call this place "Mt.Tabunoki".
This time I climbed "Mt.Tsubonoki".

Topographic map in northeastern Tokyo

Enlarged view near "Mt.Tsukunoki"

【Mountain trails and a path in ridge】

Rengenji Slope:Next to "Rengenji temple".this temple is also called "Bushi-dera"."Bushi" is another name for "Samurai".

Goten-zaka Slope:Named by reason where there was the "goten"(= mansion) of Tsunayoshi Tokugawa, the 5th general of the Edo period.

Ami-hoshi-zaka Slope:"Ami-hoshi"means to dry the net which will catch the fish.This was once a fisherman's town.

A path in ridge: The path behind the Koishikawa Botanical Garden. Lonely atmosphere is cool.

Slope in the Garden:This place is quiet and wide in Tokyo.

In the Garden:It is the summit of "Mt.Tabunoki" a little more.

【The top of Mt.Tabunoki】

Top square:In the cherry blossom season, a place full of customers of "Hanami"

Tabunoki tree: in the place where the altitude is highest

A view from the top of the mountain: "Harima Mountains" can be seen.

An old well: Since the Edo period, wells used at the Koishikawa sanatorium.

An apple tree: It is a graft of tree Newton discovered universal gravity

Taro Inari:One of the Guardians of "Mt.Tsubonoki"

Is he Taro?: Visitor's gentle feelings.Very cute!

Jiro Inari:Another Guardian of "Mt.Tsubonoki"

Mysterious hole:It is must be the entrance to a different world.

Old Tokyo Medical School Main Building: It is now a museum of design

【Drink at the foot and go home.】

Near Hakusan station:There is a quite good city ♪

A famous jazz cafe: Unfortunately, that day was not open.

Oil soba restaurant: I was concerned since I arrived here.

Drinking & Reading: Reading "Charles Boukowski" and drinking beer.It's a greate!