【A Place surrounded by railroads】

The map below shows near "Og station" in the northeastern part of Tokyo. Please look at the place painted lightly in the map.

Because of being surrounded by several railroads,There are only a few ways to go to "The Place" .

As if it is wrapped in a capsule, so I call "The place" a "Ogu Capsle Town".

In the picture above, it is " Time Capsule Road of the Heisei Period" which is one of the aisles to "Ogu Capsle Town".

Only marked points are entrances to this area "Ogu Capsule Town",

【Time Capsule Road】

Tunnel running under the railroads

@:Entrance of "Time Capsule Road"

A:Time Capsule Road

B:Entrance of "Time Capsule Road"

【Other entrances】

C:Northern end of the main street

D:Entrance of "Small tunnel"

E:The biggest entrance

F:Southern end of the main street

G:Bridge from "Kaminakazato station"

H:Entrance from the west side

【The atmosphere of the Showa period remains】

Traditional Chinese restaurant in Showa period

Japanise-Chinese noodles(Ramen)with curry sauce.Excellent !

Pool bar & Cafe/ This is the very Showa period style!

Speaking of social occasions in Japan, It should be "Izakaya" !

【What I was interested in】

The remaining wall: What kind of building was originally?

Rocket Showa ♪: Recently it is very rare play equipment.