【About Shintomi-cho】

In the area surrounded by "Ginza Chuo Dori", "Shin Ohashi Dori", "Harumi Dori" and "Kajibashi Dori", there is an image like the "back streets of Ginza".

However, when there was "Shintomi-za Theater(image below)" in the past, it was a very crowded area.

And, it still has such an atmosphere.

Hardware store in office area

Signboard of "Gyoza"(real♪)

A long-established stores of "Tofu"

Greengrocer in the office town

A alley where "Showa period" remains

A cool restaurants

The cool sign

A group of "Kabuki" played by children

A high-class restaurant !

A barber with a cool signboard

An antenna shop in "Aomori Prefecture"

An antenna shop in "Kyushu area"

A shops selling Japanese classical dance shoes (tabi)

A "izakaya-bar",always crowded !

A cafe with atmosphere "Showa period"

"Tochigi prefecture Lunch"

A building of retro atmosphere

A street of retro atmosphere

A building of retro atmosphere

【The back streets of Ginza】

There is a great "Izakaya" ♪

A cool chinese restaurant

The sworded noodles here are the best !

Famous "croquet" store

Discover a cool alley !

A chicken shop famous for take-out lunch

Famous for "bean paste bread" (anpan)

What kind of food is "US Duck" ?